This is the start.

I just don’t know of what.

Well, I mean, I do know. It’s going to be the website where I am going to post the links so people can listen to the Podcast that I am going to create with my friends.

But I don’t know where that will lead.

Most likely it will just be a few people who listen out of morbid curiosity, who happen to be friends of mine, for a few weeks. After that it will teeter off. Oh well. I’m out the cost of a few old microphones, adapters and microphone stands. That and I’ll have managed to fill the void in my brain that thrives on producing something that has been left desolate after I stopped working at the student paper.

If, though, people actually do listen to this thing for a while, I’ll consider it a success. When it comes down to it, I’m doing this because it is something I have always wanted to do. I’ve been interested in talk radio since middle school. I grew up an avid listener of Orlando’s 104.1 WTKS, an entertainment-based talk radio station. I went to college really wanting to do radio, but I was lured away by the potentials of journalism.

If only I knew.

Recently though I have become a really big fan of Podcasts around town. The main one being A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan (, who was the subject of an article I wrote for the student newspaper at UCF. When I was talking to those guys,  they talked about how great of a medium a Podcast is, as it is readily accessible by tons of potential listeners and dirt-cheap to get off the ground. Eventually the words they were saying sunk in, and I decided to give it a go, because I had the things I needed.

Computer, check. Some microphones, check. A friend who knows how to do audio things? Check.

Really interesting people telling funny stories and having funny conversations? Oh, you bet that is a check.

If you are looking for in-depth commentary about political matters, this is not the Podcast for you.

What this will be is a collection of the moronic, interesting and pointless things my friends and I talk about nearly any time you put us in the same vicinity. Except they will be recorded for you all to enjoy.

So, hopefully, with a handful of junk electronics and nothing to really say, we can make something you all will enjoy.



About thisisthepodcast

I like the idea of entertaining things.
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4 Responses to This is the start.

  1. Etchie says:

    This sounds awesome, I’m looking forward to it. Are you going to be using that graphic in the banner for the podcast? It did a great job of grabbing my attention. Has a retro look to it.

  2. Thanks man, I really appreciate the kind words. I hope you like the Podcast.

  3. Oh, and yeah, this is our banner. Helvetica makes everything pretty.

  4. Yoyoyoyoyoyo. Stooooked.

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