Take two.

So Thursday didn’t go as stellar as it possibly could have gone.

From the beginning, we had problems with our mixer and wizard box being able to relay audio on more than one channel at a time. I believe I have fixed that problem moving forward, but it took Ben about two hours to get us to a point where we could even record anything.

Not having much space, things were kind of scattered and stacked where they could go:

But, after two hours or prep, we finally got the thing going.

We recorded a pretty hard to follow and listen to show because people had to leave in the middle due to the time it took to get ready, not to mention the fact that only two mics were working and we had to switch back and forth. Oh, and one of the microphones was turned up way louder than the other, so rapid interjections on mic No.2 are blazingly loud until about halfway through.

Once everything was recorded, we ran into yet another problem: It was taking hours to upload on Mediafire, and once it was uploaded, it was either not embedding as a found file or was showing up corrupted:

I’m still trying to figure out if it had to do with my Internet or if it is something to do with Mediafire itself.

Or, hell, it might just be operator error.

To take a big ol’ dump on what was already a bad day, I woke up the next morning and found out via my girlfriend that there is already a Podcast called “This is a Podcast.”

I had to scramble and rename this Podcast “This Is The Podcast.”

I’m hoping that is enough to get me not sued.

All that to say this: We’re kind of rebooting on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

We’re going to record another show – but this time we know how to set up the microphones and we know how to hopefully upload it once we get on better Internet and we’re no longer using the name of another Podcast.

Fingers crossed.

So yeah, please check back on Monday or Tuesday and listen to the second (And hopefully a fixed version of the first) This Is The Podcast.


About thisisthepodcast

I like the idea of entertaining things.
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