This Is The Podcast Episode One.

After myriad problems and tons of setbacks, Ashley found the problem: We never compressed the file when we converted it. That is why, when we followed all the directions, it would simply cycle at “buffering” for ages and ages.

However, due to her brilliance, we fixed the problem, and I present to you fine and beautiful listeners This Is The Podcast Episode One.

Warning: This Podcast contains language that you normally won’t hear on the radio, so be prepared before you click play.

Things we talked about:

1) Explaining the Podcast and the problems we ran into.
2) Talking about the majestic lion painting that is hanging in Ben’s living room.
3) Us buying a mixer from a guy named Fuzzy.
4) Our sound effects machine with cool hip-hop horns.
5) Having to edit out last names of people who ignored me when I said don’t say last names.
6) The great Funky story. Funky was a homeless man who Ben let live on his floor when he was an RA while at school. I cannot stress enough how great of a story this really is.

Also some things to keep in mind: This is the very first Podcast attempt for all of us, so we sometimes repeat some of the things we are saying. And, as I said before, Padrick had to leave in the middle of everything, the second microphone was way too hot without us knowing, Ben’s house-mate came into the living room in the middle of everything so we sort of had to pause a little, and with all the distractions it all sounds really hectic.

I promise that for This Is A Podcast Episode Two, things will get better and we’ll have a much more cohesive show. Don’t let this one fool you.


About thisisthepodcast

I like the idea of entertaining things.
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