This is an update

Things (for once) seem to be progressing without too much difficulty at this point. I think we have all the technical issues worked out, finally.

In case you haven’t seen, we have a Twitter account @Tisthepodcast. You should follow us there. There is a character limit on Twitter names, thus the weird missing letters.

We also have a Facebook fan page! So if you prefer to get your updates that way, you can “Like” us on Facebook.

We’re also waiting for iTunes to approve the podcast to get us downloadable that way. Everything was submitted today and we will let you know when that is set up, in case you prefer to take the podcast on the road somewhere. Or just want to save it so you can blackmail us in 10 years. Either way.

And finally, for anyone still bored enough to have made it through this whole post, we will be doing This is the Podcast Episode 3 on Sunday and will have it up Sunday night/Monday morning, depending on the technical problems or lack thereof. Jeff and I will be joined this week by Padrick, who will stick around this time because we are meeting at his place of residence, and Will, who I can’t begin to describe here. In a positive way, of course. You will just have to listen for yourself.

See what I did there?


About thisisthepodcast

I like the idea of entertaining things.
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