This is the end of Season One – Episode Seven.

The time has finally come: The days of This Is The Podcast being hosted out of Florida are over.

What is posted here is the last Podcast we recorded while living in the Sunshine State. Meaning, that from now on, we will be recording all of the shows in Ohio, Ashley and I’s new home. Sadly, that means no more Padrick or Ben. But that does mean we will hopefully still be able to entertain you, dear listener.

We’re looking for new guests and trying to get new fans.

So, hey, thanks for listening to Season One – The Florida Sessions.

I hope that this last one is just as good as the others (Even though I know it is not, there were some distractions).

Topics include: Shoes, poop, bathroom surprises and etiquette.

Some things to look forward to for Season Two: A set date of updates. Live Podcasts with call-in ability through Skype. Fun new Ohio topics.

Thanks for listening, and please continue to do so.


About thisisthepodcast

I like the idea of entertaining things.
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