This Is The Podcast Episode Three.

Episode Three is now up!

We had special guest Will in the makeshift studio, which was just Pad’s dinner table.

I think this is the most well put-together episode we have done, despite some continuing problems with the mic levels. We’ll figure that out, I promise.

Topics include:

  1. Movie critics.
  2. Bad movies.
  3. Yard sales
  4. Technology
  5. Mel Gibson
  6. Poop
  7. Back to movies.

It’s all uphill from here I hope.

Please enjoy:

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Just for fun.

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This is an update

Things (for once) seem to be progressing without too much difficulty at this point. I think we have all the technical issues worked out, finally.

In case you haven’t seen, we have a Twitter account @Tisthepodcast. You should follow us there. There is a character limit on Twitter names, thus the weird missing letters.

We also have a Facebook fan page! So if you prefer to get your updates that way, you can “Like” us on Facebook.

We’re also waiting for iTunes to approve the podcast to get us downloadable that way. Everything was submitted today and we will let you know when that is set up, in case you prefer to take the podcast on the road somewhere. Or just want to save it so you can blackmail us in 10 years. Either way.

And finally, for anyone still bored enough to have made it through this whole post, we will be doing This is the Podcast Episode 3 on Sunday and will have it up Sunday night/Monday morning, depending on the technical problems or lack thereof. Jeff and I will be joined this week by Padrick, who will stick around this time because we are meeting at his place of residence, and Will, who I can’t begin to describe here. In a positive way, of course. You will just have to listen for yourself.

See what I did there?

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This is where you can download the .mp3 files.

So my girlfriend pointed out to me that while the four people who listen to this Podcast can stream the show from here, there is no download function.

We’re working on an iTunes page that will hopefully be up soon.

Until then, here are the links to download the episodes so you can listen on your fancy devices:

This Is The Podcast Episode One:

This Is The Podcast Episode Two:

Yeah, our file names are different. Deal with it.

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This Is The Podcast Episode Two.

We had everything set up to record a second episode, thinking everything was working just fine. It turns out that one of our vital cords was fried, and we had to make a quick trip to get another.

But hey, here it is. We’re making progress!

Not only did this one sound a lot better and was a little more cohesive and focused, we managed to get intro and outro music. I don’t think we’re planning on using the same music every time.

Topics discussed:

1) Stereo systems
2) First cars
3) Bumper stickers
4) Insane Clown Posse

That is the main series of topic. I am sure there is more, but whatever.

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This Is The Podcast Episode One.

After myriad problems and tons of setbacks, Ashley found the problem: We never compressed the file when we converted it. That is why, when we followed all the directions, it would simply cycle at “buffering” for ages and ages.

However, due to her brilliance, we fixed the problem, and I present to you fine and beautiful listeners This Is The Podcast Episode One.

Warning: This Podcast contains language that you normally won’t hear on the radio, so be prepared before you click play.

Things we talked about:

1) Explaining the Podcast and the problems we ran into.
2) Talking about the majestic lion painting that is hanging in Ben’s living room.
3) Us buying a mixer from a guy named Fuzzy.
4) Our sound effects machine with cool hip-hop horns.
5) Having to edit out last names of people who ignored me when I said don’t say last names.
6) The great Funky story. Funky was a homeless man who Ben let live on his floor when he was an RA while at school. I cannot stress enough how great of a story this really is.

Also some things to keep in mind: This is the very first Podcast attempt for all of us, so we sometimes repeat some of the things we are saying. And, as I said before, Padrick had to leave in the middle of everything, the second microphone was way too hot without us knowing, Ben’s house-mate came into the living room in the middle of everything so we sort of had to pause a little, and with all the distractions it all sounds really hectic.

I promise that for This Is A Podcast Episode Two, things will get better and we’ll have a much more cohesive show. Don’t let this one fool you.

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Take two.

So Thursday didn’t go as stellar as it possibly could have gone.

From the beginning, we had problems with our mixer and wizard box being able to relay audio on more than one channel at a time. I believe I have fixed that problem moving forward, but it took Ben about two hours to get us to a point where we could even record anything.

Not having much space, things were kind of scattered and stacked where they could go:

But, after two hours or prep, we finally got the thing going.

We recorded a pretty hard to follow and listen to show because people had to leave in the middle due to the time it took to get ready, not to mention the fact that only two mics were working and we had to switch back and forth. Oh, and one of the microphones was turned up way louder than the other, so rapid interjections on mic No.2 are blazingly loud until about halfway through.

Once everything was recorded, we ran into yet another problem: It was taking hours to upload on Mediafire, and once it was uploaded, it was either not embedding as a found file or was showing up corrupted:

I’m still trying to figure out if it had to do with my Internet or if it is something to do with Mediafire itself.

Or, hell, it might just be operator error.

To take a big ol’ dump on what was already a bad day, I woke up the next morning and found out via my girlfriend that there is already a Podcast called “This is a Podcast.”

I had to scramble and rename this Podcast “This Is The Podcast.”

I’m hoping that is enough to get me not sued.

All that to say this: We’re kind of rebooting on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

We’re going to record another show – but this time we know how to set up the microphones and we know how to hopefully upload it once we get on better Internet and we’re no longer using the name of another Podcast.

Fingers crossed.

So yeah, please check back on Monday or Tuesday and listen to the second (And hopefully a fixed version of the first) This Is The Podcast.

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