This is The Podcast Winter Break Episode 2

We recorded this podcast at the same time as Winter Break Episode 1, because, well, we missed podcasting and had some extra time that night.

We tried to make it a holiday-themed podcast, and kept things pretty on topic of gifts, both good and bad, from our childhood. I’m sure the topic of poop is in there somewhere, though.

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This is The Podcast Winter Break Episode 1

So, Jeff and I are back in the Sunshine State for winter break, and decided to do a few special episodes here before we return to the frozen tundra.

We returned to Sixty-Four Fourteen Studios and chatted with Padrick, who was entertaining as always.

The topics ranged from businesses and Black Friday to computers to tonsils to white bread. Don’t bother asking how that happened, you should be used to it by now.

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This is the end of Season One – Episode Seven.

The time has finally come: The days of This Is The Podcast being hosted out of Florida are over.

What is posted here is the last Podcast we recorded while living in the Sunshine State. Meaning, that from now on, we will be recording all of the shows in Ohio, Ashley and I’s new home. Sadly, that means no more Padrick or Ben. But that does mean we will hopefully still be able to entertain you, dear listener.

We’re looking for new guests and trying to get new fans.

So, hey, thanks for listening to Season One – The Florida Sessions.

I hope that this last one is just as good as the others (Even though I know it is not, there were some distractions).

Topics include: Shoes, poop, bathroom surprises and etiquette.

Some things to look forward to for Season Two: A set date of updates. Live Podcasts with call-in ability through Skype. Fun new Ohio topics.

Thanks for listening, and please continue to do so.

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This is what podcasting in the morning after being out till 2 a.m. looks like.

In case you were wondering what it looks like to try and set all this stuff up after a night on the town.

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This is The Podcast Episode Six

We’ve made it all the way to six episodes!

We had our first major scramble when our special guest ran into some things and couldn’t make it. So if it sounds like we are coming up with topics as we go, that’s because we were.

We talked about space, sodas, and, of course, poop. All the important things in life, right?

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This is The Podcast Episode Five

Consider Episode Five the bonus disk that comes with a new CD – short and to the point, but something extra and special.

Our friend Justine shared some roommate stories, one of which involves peeing in milk. It is equal parts funny and gross.

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This Is The Podcast Episode Four

For your listening pleasure, here is Episode Four:

We had the very lovely Allison in the makeshift studio, which we have named Sixty-Four Fourteen Studios. or 6414 Studios. I have no idea.

We talked a lot about Warped Tour and how hot it was and, as usual, ended up talking about poop. There was some discussion of Y2K, high school lockers and chick flicks in there as well.

Yeah. I have no idea how we progressed from one topic to the next.

Anyway, the next podcast will be on either Sunday or Monday from St. Augustine with Justine, who has a crazy roommate. There are also lots of wonderful things about her, but that is the most entertaining.

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