This is the cast and crew.

As long as everything manages to not go wrong, we will be recording and posting the very first This Is A Podcast on Thursday late afternoon-ish.

Tomorrow I am going along with Ashley to try and find some more microphones and a splitter so that we can turn Ben’s wizard box into something that will hold four inputs. That, and some mic stands, because I want this to be so profesh.

I figured as an addition to this update of just telling you that the Podcast will be ready on Thursday, I’d introduce you to the people that will be involved.

First, me:

I got those glasses in an X-mas gift exchange last year. They are supposed to make you see in HD. While that extraordinary claim is indeed bullshit, they make me kind of look like a cross between Kim Jong Il and a grandma, which really could be considered the same, fashion-wise.

Next, my friend Ashley:

She has the least interesting photo on here really, but trust me, she’s an interesting person. She just falls into the trap that nearly all females fall into as far as photos on the Internet are concerned – the OMG NO THIS MAKES ME LOOK ____ TAKE IT DOWN disease. She’s my best friend and a fellow fan of Podcasts, so I put up with it. She’ll have plenty of stories to tell about a semi-crazy ex who ended up sending another person on this list of folks a free T-shirt.

Next is Ben:

Ben is our go-to audio guy. He’s one half of the extremely talented Orlando-based Kill To Win. This DJing quality made him great with this kind of thing. Oh, and he owned a lot of the audio equipment already, including the famed wizard box, meaning I didn’t have to buy it. Ben is the second most interesting person I know, and has some of the best stories to tell. By the time this group has to split, Ben is going to tell the story of Funky, the roaming homeless tattoo artist. We might need a whole show for that.

I said second most interesting because Padrick exists:

Padrick has “Eat it like a sandwich” tattooed on his arm, has conquered alligator-infested lagoons, tried to fight a toddler in an Applebees, and drives a car that has run into more things in Orlando than it hasn’t. To try and go into any of that more would require more space than WordPress allows and rob the Podcast of some of it’s chances to record this stuff for mass consumption once and for all.

So here we all are.

Again, that’s this Thursday, July 8, for the very first This Is A Podcast, starring all of those fine folks up there.

My goal is, over time, to bring in more of my friends and people we all know to share stories and have conversations with us. But, hopefully, until half of us leave Florida in a few months, this will be the core group of kids.

That is, if Ben’s wizard box doesn’t take a dump.



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I like the idea of entertaining things.
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